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Kleio Skin Care System creates
to inspire men and women
in four corners of the globe
to gracefully give pleasure
to natural beauty.

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Dead Sea

About us

Kleio Skin Care, Corp., is a 100% Filipino company incorporated to create a brand concept consisting of skin care products utilizing Dead Sea by-products namely the black mud and salt, imported from Jordan and other wonderful natural ingredients from all corners of the globe to create products of quality and effectiveness to enhance natural beauty.

Kleio Skin Care System has been in the market for four years using a wholesale distribution network with a retail strategy. Because of the high cost of both local and imported beauty products, the company has thought of developing and manufacturing a wide array of Dead Sea natural beauty products with a shelf price that is in the middle to lower quadrant of high quality brands with the optimum aesthetic benefits.

We are working with the best manufacturers to develop and bring to market high quality and world class products for skin, body and hair cares. Proper skin testing of our skin care products was done in the laboratory and there was no testing of products on animals. Similarly, we insist that all suppliers have not tested the ingredients on animals for cosmetic purposes.

Picture of Dead Sea minerals

Dead Sea minerals

About Dead Sea

Dead Sea, appropriately named because of its high mineral content that allows nothing to survive in its waters, known to be the world’s deepest and saltiest bodies of water located between Israel and Jordan, southeast from Jerusalem in the Middle East. Queen of Sheba, King Herod the Great and Cleopatra, the queen of ancient beauty, are few of those who believed in its therapeutic and curative properties. During the ancient times, Egyptians used the salt in various skin creams, ointments and soaps being used up to the present. Dead Sea Salt on the other hand, was obtained from the mineral rich Dead Sea black mud. Presently, tourists from all over the world visit the place for its medicinal and beautifying effects.

Dead Sea Black Mud and Salt are found in abundance on the shores to about 400 meters below sea level. It contains 10% sodium and the rest are 25 different minerals which had been acclaimed for its beneficial effects on health and skin in particular as compared to other sea water containing 90-97% sodium and the rest of various salts and minerals.

Major minerals and ions of Dead Sea mud and salt


Improves skin metabolism; important for lymphatic fluid balance; important for immune system function; powerful detoxifying agent; helps cells retain nourishment; excrete waste products; regulates hydration


Facilitates cell renewal; stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis; free radicals scavengers; anti-acne properties; anti-inflammatory; protects against UV radiation; boost immune system


Energizes the body; helps to balance skin moisture; responsible for alkalinizing the cells; regulates hydration


Increase circulation; strengthens bones and nails; prevents water retention; cleanse pores topically; pore protector


Helps relieve symptoms of psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis; body regulator


Relaxing and soothing effect; relaxes muscles


Anti-allergen for sensitive skin; moisturizer; stress reliever; slows skin aging; calming the nervous system


Increase effectiveness of balneotherapy for psoriasis

Skin benefits

Russian girl Kleio model

Improves and controls various skin ailments

Acne, skin rashes, dandruff, psoriasis, cellulite, eczema, skin allergies

Hydrates and moisturizes skin

Slows down skin aging through tightening and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Exfoliates dead skin and buffs away dead skin cells revealing a youthful and healthy complexion

Gently cleanses and detoxifies pores by sucking out impurities

Improves cell metabolism by helping the body absorb nourishment and eliminate toxins and impurities
Russian girl Kleio model

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